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Whenever I travel I try to take a camera.  My camera of choice is the 4 x 5 and if space permits it an 8 x 10.  On this trip I was allowed one camera bag, since there were 3 of us on this trip to northern New Jersey.  We were all photographers so space was limited.  One person on the trip was from the area and knew of an estate that was open to the public.  So off we went. The estate was wonderful it had these magnificent workshop buildings all around the grounds.  The structures were built from bits and pieces of old monasteries or churches and the effects were mesmerizing.  A huge gate was set up in the middle of the field on the pathway with no fence on either side, just freely standing by itself.  It was the choice of the traveler to open the gate or walk around it.  Gardens of all types and archway pieces like this one, decorated the pathways (the male counter part was resting nearby).  Exposure was 1/4  @ 22 hand held.  Yes that right, the camera was on the ground looking up

The true impact, statement, and artistic value of the photograph is lost in the process of making the photograph web friendly.  The only way to really appreciate fine artwork is to see the real thing.  All work shown on this site is for sale. 

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