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When shipping photographic equipment of any type the following procedure should be used as a guide to insure your equipment the best protection in transit.

Packing List to be sent with camera. Be sure to make a copy for yourself.

  1. Go to packing list form, fillout and print with your printer.
  2. Also important is to list the insurance value you will take out at the time of shipping. This will be on your copy.

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  Packing for shipping. There are two options:

  • First option:
    Take your camera equipment to a shipping center and let someone else do the packaging and shipping for you.
  • The second option.
    This is to package it yourself. You will need the following:
    • Two inch wide clear packing tape
    • Roll of bubble wrap with large bubbles.
    • A box that can give your camera equipment of at least 5 inches of space all around your camera.
    • Filler material; news paper, bubble wrap, or shipping peanuts.

  Packing your camera in the box.

  1. Cut enough bubble wrap to go around the camera 2 times. Lay this piece flat on the table.
  2. Place the packing list in an envelope and place it on the bubble wrap. On to this lay the camera. If you are sending the camera with its ground glass put a stiff piece of cardboard over it, you may tape it on.
  3. Fold the bubble wrap around the camera and tape.
  4. Add another 2 layers of bubble wrap at 90 degrees to the first layers and tape.
  5. Put a layer of filler into the bottom of the box. Enough to center the camera in the center of the box. Filler material can be shipping peanuts, bubble wrap wadded up, newspaper wadded up, or any thing that will cushion your camera in shipping. Remember the person handling the box doesn't know what's in the box.
  6. Fill the rest of the box. Tape shut.
  7. Make shipping label or have the following info for the shipping center.
    • Your return address.
    • Shipping address:
      Richard Ritter
      POBox 401 (USPS)
      1706 Deer Valley Rd (UPS/FedX)
      Townshend, Vermont 05353-0401

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